High-end Industry Development Meetings Held in Shanghai and Beijing

To further focus on innovative development, promote the development of Nanjing’s strategic emerging industries, and conduct well-targeted investment attraction, the Nanjing Integrated Circuit Industry Development Cooperation (Shanghai) Meeting and the Nanjing Big Data & Internet of Things Industry Development Cooperation (Beijing) Meeting were held in Shanghai and Beijing on July 25 and 26, respectively.



Unlike previous investment-attraction activities, the meetings focused more on discussions with businesspeople about the innovation trends of the world and opportunities in the international industrial technology system for Nanjing’s development and win-win cooperation.



Nearly 30 “big boys” were invited to participate in the Shanghai and Beijing meetings. Synopsys, the world’ s No.1 electronics design automation provider, ARM, the global mobile terminal chip giant, ADI, the global leader in data conversion and signal processing technology, and PNP, one of the world’ s largest incubators, all expressed their high appreciation of Nanjing’s excellent ecological environment for innovation, saying they would choose Nanjing for in-depth cooperation.


Huang Lan, deputy mayor of Nanjing, told entrepreneurs that Nanjing has a unique advantage in innovation-driven development, as the city is committed to building an innovative and smart city. In particular, the building of a smart city will be integrated with the improvement of urban functions, to make urban governance, people’s lives, and industrial processes more intelligent. Nanjing will gather development elements, build underlying facilities with robust functionality, and provide convenient and efficient public services. He sincerely invited the industry elites of the world to invest in Nanjing.