Jinling Huntsman Propylene Oxide Project Successfully Put into Operation

The production facilities that Sinopec and  U.S. Huntsman jointly built in Nanjing to produce propylene oxide passed the test run on the first try and successfully produced qualified propylene oxide and methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE). It has been more than four years since the project started. The successful operation of the production facilities is of great significance in optimizing Nanjing’s industrial layout, accelerating the formation of a high value-added petrochemical industry chain in Jiangsu, promoting the development of new energy-saving and environmental protection materials, and popularizing high-quality clean oil.

Jinling Huntsman New Materials Co., Ltd. was jointly established by Sinopec and Huntsman Chemical Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in November 2012 in the Nanjing Chemical Industry Park, with a total investment of 4.9 billion yuan. The company was established for a propylene oxide project relying on Sinopec’s low carbon hydrocarbon resources advantage in Nanjing and Huntsman’s advanced technology.

The advanced technology that the Jinling Huntsman company uses to produce propylene oxide and the MTBE co-product is through the oxidation of propylene and isobutane. With the features of high product yield, low energy consumption, and less waste pollution, this technology is in line with China’s industrial development policy requirements. It is currently the ideal technology for producing propylene oxide. After the project is completed, the company can produce 240,000 tons of propylene oxide and 742,000 tons of MTBE annually.
Propylene oxide is an important raw material for fine chemical products. It is widely used in automotive, construction, food, tobacco, medicine, cosmetics, and other industries. MTBE is an excellent gasoline octane enhancer and antiknock agent. It has a relatively high oxygen content and can significantly reduce vehicle exhaust emissions.

The project started in January 2013 and realized the intermediate handover of main facilities on November 18, 2016. At the test run stage, the production team cooperated closely with the design, construction, supervision, and other units to keep optimizing the operating network and work in a safe, high-quality, efficient, orderly manner, to ensure the success of the test run of the facilities at the first try.