Alibaba's Jiangsu Headquarters Settles in Nanjing

In the Nanjing Summit of the 2017 Computing Conference on April 26, 2017, Nanjing Municipal People's Government and Alibaba Group jointly announced that Alibaba Group's Jiangsu headquarters will be settled in Nanjing.


According to the framework agreement, Nanjing will pioneer in the implementation of the business pilot project for the strategic cooperation between the People's Government of Jiangsu Province and Alibaba Group. Alibaba Group has completed the site selection for its Jiangsu headquarters in Nanjing on the first half year of 2017. Both parties agreed to rely on Alibaba Group's Jiangsu headquarters project, jointly strengthen forward-looking deployment in key fields of Internet, positively implement intelligent manufacturing plans, smart city construction, and comprehensive financial service platform construction, explore the application of Internet in fields such as government affairs, commerce, transportation, medical, and education, and develop and form an Internet industrial cluster with significant capital, technology, and talent advantages.

Alibaba Group's Jiangsu headquarters will be engaged in business related to fields such as big data, cloud computing, e-commerce, and Internet finance and will drive upstream and downstream enterprises of the Internet industry chain to agglomerate in Nanjing by means of projects such as 1+30+300 (transformation and upgrade of the manufacturing industry), smart city, and Cainiao Network.