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1st Global Service Trade Conference to Be Held in Nanjing from September 13 to 15

The 1st Global Service Trade Conference will be held in Nanjing from September 13 to 15. The conference will be co-sponsored by the Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce and the Nanjing Municipal Government, and co-organized by the office of Foreign Investment in China-a magazine under the Ministry of Commerce-and the Nanjing Municipal Commerce and Trade Bureau.

Themed on “innovation and integration, collaboration and sharing”, the conference will invite experts and scholars from the World Trade Organization, as well as senior executives of the world’s top 500 enterprises and well-known service trade companies from the United States, Great Britain, and other countries and regions to discuss the innovative development of service trade, service outsourcing transformation and upgrade, and other hot topics.

At present, the preparatory work for the conference is proceeding smoothly.