Zijin (Yuhua) Technology Incubation Special Park

The Zijin (Yuhua) Technology Incubation Special Park was officially launched on September 7, 2011, and opened to start operation on June 1, 2012. As one of the firstly launched and opened technology incubation special parks among all 20 counterparts in the city, it is an organic part of the China (Nanjing) Software Valley and takes the software and information service industries as its leading industries. It has a planned area of 2.96 square kilometers, including 1.18 square kilometers in the western area and 1.78 square kilometers in the eastern area. So far, the park has constructed an incubator with a total area of 335,800 square meters (including a pioneer zone of 66,900 square meters), an accelerator with a total area of 388,100 square meters, a pilot base of 266,100 square meters, talent apartments of 208,500 square meters, and auxiliary facilities of 45,800 square meters. As an organic part of the China (Nanjing) Software Valley, the park focuses on the software industry and aims at the construction of a core area and landmark area in the renowned software city-Nanjing, China. It adopts the service pattern of "entrepreneurial tutor + professional incubation + venture capital investment" and adheres to the service philosophy of "serving science and technology innovative and entrepreneurial talent, incubating science and technology start-ups, and nurturing the software industry and information services industry" to develop an incubation park in line with first-class international standards for science and technology enterprises.

Complying with the "intensive, professional, IT-based, community-based, and internationalized" construction and operation standards, the Zijin (Yuhua) Technology Incubation Special Park strives to create a professional software incubation carrier featuring special system innovations, special policy support, specific regional carriers, and a unique functional system. The park has brought in more than 600 incubating enterprises and 166 leading science and technology entrepreneurial personnel; cultivated 23 science and technology entrepreneurs; and gathered 18 entrepreneurial personnel from the Recruitment Program of Global Experts. It has also incubated 90 enterprises; cultivated 10 high-tech enterprises; submitted more than 1,500 patent applications; and reached the annual cumulative operating income of RMB 1 billion.