Zijin (Xuanwu) Technology Incubation Special Park

The Zijin (Xuanwu) Technology Incubation Special Park is located in the main city of Nanjing, situated at the southern foot of Jubaoshan Mountain, north of the Xuanwu Avenue, and opposite the Xuzhuang Software Park. The special park covers an area of 630 mu (which is equal to about 420,000 square meters), with a total floor area of about 600,000 square meters. Planned investment capital sums up to RMB 6 billion. The park is composed of seven building groups: Juke Park, Juchuang Park, Juxin Park, Juzhi Park, Juhui Park, Jucai Mountain Villa, and Jubao Science and Technology City. The park has been planned mainly for R&D purposes and as office spaces. It also provides some apartments for talent, as well as commercial facilities. The park focuses on the development of five key industries: the Internet of Things, energy saving and environmental protection, cultural media, cloud computing, and bio-medicine.

As the first-phase building group, the Juhui Park is located in the southeast corner of the Jubaoshan Mountain plot. It consists of six high rises. The main body was started on June 28, 2013, and was capped and officially delivered in 2016. The Juhui Park occupies an area of 58.5 mu (which is equal to about 39,000 square meters) in total, with a total floor area of 246,000 square meters, including a total of 155,000 square meters aboveground, and three underground floors amounting to 91,000 square meters.

The Zijin (Xuanwu) Technology Incubation Special Park has signed with CKB to create an incubator platform together, which will offer services to talent entrepreneurship. At a later stage, the park will work with relevant units to build five public service platforms, including a smart home industry base, a green building technology center, and a maker center, providing support for the development of enterprises.