Zijin (Xianlin) Technology Incubation Special Park

Located in the Nanjing Xianlin University Town in eastern Nanjing, the Zijin (Xianlin) Technology Incubation Special Park is included in the "one zone with two areas" planning layout of the university town. The park has a total planned area of about 1.86 square kilometers. In compliance with the "overall planning, reasonable layout, distinctive characteristics, and supportive collaboration" principles, the park carries out the construction, operation, and management of the incubator, accelerator, pilot base, talent apartments, headquarter base, and ancillary facilities. In the park, there are three characteristic parks: Jiangsu Life Science & Technology Innovation Park, Nanjing Zidong International Creative Park, and Xianlin Software and Service Outsourcing Industrial Park, of which there are five major industries: life science and technology, cultural creativity, software research and development, service outsourcing, and headquarter base. By means of planned construction and elaborate creation, the park accelerates the gathering of innovative elements, improves the bearing capacity of entrepreneurship, cultivates growth poles of science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship, and promotes the transformation of Xianlin from a university town to a scientific city with a profound connotation, as well as higher levels in science and education, research and development, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Moreover, it will radiate its driving force to help develop an international and modern sub-central city zone in Nanjing, where innovation and entrepreneurship elements are gathered, thereby improving the gateway image of eastern Nanjing.