Zijin (Qinhuai) Technology Incubation Special Park

The Zijin (Qinhuai) Technology Incubation Special Park is the early start-up area and core area of South Nanjing New Town. It is located in the center of the Honghua-Airport "smart new town" and is close to the Nanjing South Railway Station. With a planned land area of 220,000 square meters and a total floor area of nearly 700,000 square meters, it mainly consists of three plots, one to the south of IKEA, one to the west of Daming Road, and Putian. At the same time, the park reconstructs the Nanjing National Leading Talent Entrepreneurial Park (on the Nanjing Second Machine Tool Factory plot) and Nanjing Chenguang 1865 Creative Industry Park as the early start-up parks. It puts emphasis on the development of cultural creativity, software and service outsourcing, intelligent control, the Internet of Things, electronic communications, and other high-end emerging industries, among which, the cultural creative industry exceeds one-third of the total. By 2015, the park had built platforms for sci-tech financial services, professional technical support, and comprehensive public services; constructed three innovation centers and four incubators for strategic emerging industries, with the help of which the number of incubating enterprises has reached 500 and 60 enterprises have been incubated; cultivated eight high-tech enterprises and innovative enterprises, with the number of patent applications striving to surpass 200 annually; brought in and cultivated 10 entrepreneurial personnel from the Recruitment Program of Global Experts, 300 leading science and technology entrepreneurial personnel, and 10 science and technology entrepreneurs. The park has also striven to achieve a total output value of RMB 12 billion, and tax revenue exceeding RMB 800 million.

The park offers a number of preferential policies in aspects of specific construction funds, venture capital investment, enterprise incubation, accelerating bases, public platforms, and financial incentives.