Zijin (Luhe Zhongshan) Technology Incubation Special Park

The Zijin (Luhe Zhongshan) Technology Incubation Special Park is located in the High-Tech Zone-Dachang science and technology industry functional plate in Jiangbei New Area. It is an important carrier of science and technology incubation, talent innovation, and technology industrialization in Jiangbei New Area. It has a planned area of 0.83 square kilometers, including a headquarter and comprehensive supporting service area occupying 0.2 square kilometers, an incubator occupying 0.2 square kilometers, and an accelerator and pilot base occupying 0.43 square kilometers. An "incubator + accelerator + transformation" incubation chain has been shaped in the special park to ensure that the innovative and entrepreneurial talent's projects can be transformed into business, and also be developed and grown properly within the park. The special park focuses on developing bio-medicine (including medical devices and diagnostic reagents) as well as energy saving and environmental protection (including intelligent equipment and information technology), which are two leading industries. It aims to become an all-around science and technology incubation and cultivation carrier, which integrates incubation, acceleration, and transformation of science and technology projects.

The special park upholds the concepts of applying preferential policies, providing high-quality services, creating an excellent environment, attracting high-quality science and technology projects, and gathering outstanding entrepreneurial talent. It offers all kinds of preferential policies, especially to start-ups, and provides them with free start-up sites, free talent apartments, start-up funds, and start-up tax reductions or exemptions. The park also implements "barrier-free entrepreneurship" full services, targeted start-up financial services, and thoughtful living facilities and supporting service for talent's projects, making all efforts to achieve the integration of talent, technologies, and projects.