Zijin (Jianye) Technology Incubation Special Park

The Zijin (Jianye) Technology Incubation Special Park is located in Jianye District and to the west of Xicheng Road, north of Mudanjiang Street, east of Yunlongshan Road, and south of Mengdu Avenue. Within the park, the total buildable area has a sum of around 3.33 million square meters, of which the area aboveground accounts for about 2.38 million square meters and the area underground accounts for about 950,000 square meters. The total investment is planned to reach about RMB 16 billion. The park plans to build a science and technology entrepreneurial incubator, a start-up enterprise accelerator and pilot base, a science and technology entrepreneurial headquarter base, talent apartments, and ancillary facilities. After completion, the park will create a suitable specialized miniature environment, as well as an ecological environment for scientific and technological entrepreneurship, to facilitate the transformation of scientific and educational talent resources into actual productivity. In this manner, the park will comprehensively improve the success rate of scientific and technological talent entrepreneurship and the incubation of science and technology enterprises. In addition, the park will gather all kinds of entrepreneurial and innovative subjects, and implement large-scale and scientific "nursery and plantation," thereby providing continuous power to accelerate the development of an innovative economy.