Zijin (Jiangning) Technology Incubation Special Park

Covering an area of about 4.62 square kilometers, the Zijin (Jiangning) Technology Incubation Special Park is located at the intersection of the development "golden axis," which is between the Nanjing South Railway Station (where the Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway passes by) and Nanjing Lukou International Airport, and the innovation economic growth zone along the Nanjing Ring Expressway. This location is in the center of Jiangning District and the core area of the planned "Qinhuai South" area, where the particularly prominent aspects of scientific and educational talent resources, transportation, and ecological environment are featured.

The Zijin (Jiangning) Technology Incubation Special Park attaches importance to the developmental goals of creating the world's leading entrepreneurship and innovation park for scientific and technological talent. Based on the "professional, characteristic, intensive, international, community-based, and humanized" features, the park begins to unfold the overall framework of the UPARK's core area, which covers an area of 1 square kilometer. The park emphasizes community functions that integrate science and technology innovation, headquarters economy, public services, business offices, residences, and ecological leisure. It mainly builds science and technology innovation carriers such as the incubator, accelerator, and pilot base, as well as ancillary facilities such as talent apartments, commercial facilities, science and education cultural facilities, and an ecological wetland park.

In the meantime, the park relies on the Jiangsu Future Networks Innovation Institute, National Mobile Communication Research Laboratory of Southeast University, China 3D Printing Research Institute, and other core innovative resources; and focuses on the technology R&D and industrialization of the new-generation information technologies for the information and communications industry (ICT), and the new-generation manufacturing technologies for 3D printing. Based on these ideals, the park reinforces talent recruitment, service platform construction, and other key works. So far, the park has drawn in the China Resources Gas Research Center, Huawei Nanjing Research Institute, China 3D Printing Research Institute, and other leading enterprises and research centers; and also incubated and cultivated more than 200 scientific and technological innovation-oriented enterprises. By the end of 2015, the Zijin (Jiangning) Technology Incubation Special Park had already attracted nine entrepreneurial personnel from the Recruitment Program of Global Experts, two provincial innovative and entrepreneurial personnel, one municipal science and technology entrepreneur, 26 personnel from the Nanjing 321 Talent Plan, and six personnel from the Chuangju Project of Jiangning District. It has also gathered more than 200 returnees and entrepreneurial doctors, as well as over 1,500 personnel with a master's degree. A talent gathering pattern has already taken shape in the park.