Zijin (Nanjing New & High-Tech Industry Development Zone) Technology Incubation Special Park

The Zijin (Nanjing New & High-Tech Industry Development Zone) Technology Incubation Special Park was approved by the Municipal Committee of the CPC and the Municipal People's Government of Nanjing in July 2011, based on registered capital of RMB 130 million. In March 2013, the Zijin (High-Tech Zone) Technology Incubation Special Park Construction and Development Co., Ltd. was established for the Nanjing New & High-Tech Industry Development Zone (referred to as the High-Tech Zone) to be responsible for the operation and management of the special park. This company works together with the Nanjing Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Service Center and China (Nanjing) Overseas Students Pioneer Park to provide "carrier construction, resource integration, and operation service" functions. They have set up various professional technology and public service platforms according to the "intensive, professional, IT-based, community-based, and internationalized" standards, providing settled enterprises with all-round services and support covering incubation, training, management, finance, and legal aspects. In 2013, the Nanjing Municipal Science and Technology Commission granted the special park the title of a municipal science and technology business incubator. In 2014, the Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province approved the special park as one of the first-batch pilot units of the "nursery-incubator-accelerator" science and technology business incubation chain in Jiangsu Province. In 2015, the special park was identified as a maker space in Nanjing and Jiangsu Province, and also awarded financial support.

The special park aims to build a first-class science and technology business incubator in China. It relies on the key industrial layout of the High-Tech Zone to give priority to the incubation and cultivation of strategic emerging industries, such as new-generation information technologies, intelligent manufacturing, new energy, and new materials. It is committed to becoming an innovation source of the High-Tech Zone and a resource base of local enterprises.

The special zone has set up a pioneer zone in the built-up area of the High-Tech Zone as its transitional carrier, in which it has constructed an incubator in the Guodian Nanjing Automation Park, the Science Park of Southeast University (High-Tech Zone), and other professional functional incubation carriers. In Building A of the Guodian Nanjing Automation Park, the carrier has a total area of 14,000 square meters, providing an innovative and entrepreneurial carrier space oriented towards entrepreneurship incubation and cultivation. It focuses on cultivating source enterprises in the new-generation information technology, energy-saving and environment-friendly, new energy, and new material industries. There are also ancillary facilities such as cafes, training classrooms, and conference rooms in this carrier.

In Building C of the Guodian Nanjing Automation Park, the carrier occupies an area of 6,347 square meters. On the first floor, the Bei'an Maker Space is particularly established to support innovation and entrepreneurship of undergraduates and graduates, where office spaces and equipment, such as tables and chairs, computers, networks, conference rooms, and training rooms, are prepared for entrepreneurs to start up business with zero risk.
In the Science Park of Southeast University (High-Tech Zone), the carrier covers an area of 18,000 square meters. It provides a science and technology business incubator for strategic emerging industries such as software and electronic information, bio-medicine, and new energy, which are developed based on the industrial layout of the High-Tech Zone and dominant disciplines of Southeast University.

As of December 2015, there were altogether 168 incubating enterprises in the special park, including 95 actually settled enterprises and 75 reserve enterprises. Among these enterprises, the special park has taken in a number of projects carried out by talent, including more than 60 personnel from the Nanjing 321 Talent Plan, five personnel from the Recruitment Program of Global Experts, and 16 personnel from the innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship talent plan of the High-Tech Zone. These projects are specialized mainly in the new-generation electronic information technology (accounting for 65%), intelligent manufacturing (accounting for 15%), energy saving and environment protection (accounting for 5%), new energy, new material, and high-end service industries.