Zijin (Gulou) Technology Incubation Special Park

The Zijin (Gulou) Technology Incubation Special Park is situated in the north of Hexi New Town in Nanjing, and on the B01 plot in the middle of the Nanjing International Service Outsourcing Industrial Park. In the west, east, south, and north, the park is located next to Qingjiang Road (Leshan Road), Jinjiang Road, Keji Er Road, and Shuiximen Avenue, respectively, covering an area of 41,700 square meters. The buildable area of the park is about 315,300 square meters in total, of which an area of about 208,600 square meters is above the ground and an area of about 106,700 square meters is under the ground. The park takes software and information services, e-commerce, and service outsourcing as its leading industries. It also incorporates some high-tech enterprise headquarters.