Zijin (Gaochun) Technology Incubation Special Park

The Zijin (Gaochun) Technology Incubation Special Park was established in September 2011, with a planned floor area of 10 million square meters. It is mainly divided into a special park start-up area, which is a sci-tech incubation service center, and the Binhu science and technology new town. The sci-tech incubation service center is a provincial comprehensive incubator that integrates research and development (R&D) office work, testing, and training, covering a total floor area of 150,000 square meters. The Binhu science and technology new town is close to the developed urban area and surrounded by the Gucheng Lake, occupying a total area of 6 square kilometers. This new town combines scientific and technological R&D, ecological residences, staple businesses and entertainment, and land and water spaces. In the future, it will be developed as a unique comprehensive science and technology community for innovation and entrepreneurship as well as waterfront recreation in Nanjing and surrounding areas. The Zijin (Gaochun) Technology Incubation Special Park strives to build a science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship carrier, which integrates the "incubator + accelerator + pilot base + headquarter base + talent apartments + ancillary facilities;" create an all-around one-stop science and technology entrepreneurship service center; and become an international high-tech park featuring multiple development advantages, such as the special institutional innovation, special policy support, specific regional carrier, and unique functional system.

Driven by innovation, the special park spares no effort to construct innovation platforms for specialized technologies, intermediary services, sci-tech finance, industry-university-research cooperation, and achievement transformation. It has taken in and constructed three specialized technical service platforms, over 20 industry-university-research organizations, and seven investment and financing service organizations. The park has also brought in 12 intermediary service agencies. The 321 talent apartment building has been completed and put into use, and is fully furnished. The special park elaborately builds leisure service platforms, for example, the Chunchang Cafe. Additionally, it regularly holds entrepreneurship salons, entrepreneurship lectures, policy tutorials, and other activities, trying to create a low-cost and open office space and entrepreneurial environment.