Zijin (Fangshan) Technology Incubation Special Park

The Zijin (Fangshan) Technology Incubation Special Park is located in the southeast of Nanjing and in the education functional core area of the Nanjing Jiangcheng University Town. The park has a planned area of 1.82 square kilometers. It puts emphasis on the development of two leading industries: life science and sci-tech finance. There are abundant science and education resources in the park. It has brought together 15 colleges and universities, including China Pharmaceutical University, Nanjing Medical University, and Southeast University. It has also gathered more than 300 life science enterprises, such as MSD, Simcere, Kanion, Genscript, and Herbalife, showing distinct industrial advantages and positive industrial agglomeration effects. The talent gathering also shows positive effects. So far, the park has attracted 25 experts from the Recruitment Program of Global Experts (including Professor Shi Yigong), four experts from the National High-Level Talent Special Support Plan, and 238 experts and professors in the life science field.

The park is divided into two areas, one in the south and the other in the north. The northern area is opposite to Nanjing Medical University, with a planned area of 1.65 square kilometers and a total floor area of 2 million square meters. This area is mainly composed of enterprise headquarters, a life science innovation center, an innovation incubation base, and a research and development cluster. The southern area is adjacent to China Pharmaceutical University, covering a planned area of 0.17 square kilometers, a total land-use scale of about 200 mu (which is equal to about 133,333 square meters), and a total floor area of about 500,000 square meters. This area is centered on the life science projects. It focuses on the incubation and R&D of digital, network-based, and micro projects. This area mainly includes core headquarters, an exchange center, a high-tech incubator, and an international humanistic community.

The developmental objectives of the park are to cultivate 1,000 enterprises related to life science and bring in 1,000 relevant personnel (including 100 high-level personnel) as of 2020, thereby finally achieving a production value of RMB 100 billion.