South Nanjing New Town

South Nanjing New Town stretches south to the Nanjing Ring Expressway; north to the Qinhuai River, Yunliang River, and Nanjing Ring Highway; west to the Nanhe River and new Qinhuai River, and along the Second Airport Expressway to Ningdan Road; and east to the Nanjing-Hangzhou Expressway. It covers a total area of 164 square kilometers with a planned population of about 1.6 million. It is positioned as a transportation hub, an area developing the modern financial services industry and software (smart) industry, and a residential area.

South Nanjing New Town is at the core of the High-Speed Rail Hub Economic Zone. The Nanjing South Railway Station connects eight high-speed railways, such as Beijing-Shanghai, Shanghai-Wuhan, Nanjing-Hangzhou, and Nanjing-Anqing. Three metro lines have been put into operation in the new town, including Metro Lines 1, 3, and S1 (the Airport Line). In the future, six more metro lines (such as Ninghe Inter-City Line S3 and Metro Lines 5 and 6) and multiple bus routes will be completed, making transportation very convenient.

In the strategic development plan for South Nanjing New Town, the Nanjing South Railway Station and Honghua-Airport area are planned as the core area. The total planned land area is about 66 square kilometers and the planned population is 730,000. By 2020, the core area will completely meet the construction requirements for a sponge city, which are designed to cope with flooding and drought. In the rest built-up area of the new town, more than 25% will meet the construction requirements for a sponge city. Over the next five years or so, South Nanjing New Town will strive to become an international and modern new town with a complete infrastructure and high-end industries. It will be a suitable environment for living, trading, and working, a smart and low-carbon model city, and a new city center in Nanjing, which will be comparable to Hexi and Xinjiekou.