Hexi New Town

Hexi New Town is located southwest of the Nanjing main city, occupying a total area of about 94 square kilometers. It is a new city center serving the five major industries of finance, business, trade, convention and exhibition, and recreation and sports in Nanjing. It contains upscale buildings suitable for living and working, and also serves as a recreational and sightseeing place featuring a riverside landscape in the west of the city. It is not only a new city center that combines modern living and a riverside view, but also an area that symbolizes a new, modern, and international Nanjing. Hexi New Town is mainly composed of the Hexi Central Business District (CBD), Nanjing New Town Sci-Tech Park, Jiangdong Central Activity Zone, Sino-Singapore Nanjing Eco High-Tech Island, and other key functional zones and parks, forming an obviously advantageous and high-end industrial foundation with respect to headquarters, research and development, finance, conventions and exhibitions, and other high-end industries. Among all these zones and parks, the Hexi CBD is the second largest CBD in east China.

The Hexi CBD is an important financial hub in China. It will be the core financial center for the pan-Yangtze River Delta region. Located in the core area of Hexi New Town, the Hexi CBD has a total area of 22 square kilometers with a core area of 3.5 square kilometers. According to the standards of "modernization, internationalization, and specialization," the Hexi CBD focuses on developing modern services such as modern finance, headquarters economy, information services, cultural creativity, software research and development, business offices, tourism, and conventions and exhibitions. The Hexi CBD has gathered 340 financial and quasi-financial institutions of all kinds, including 90 banks, 27 securities institutions, 35 insurance companies, and 88 various other quasi-financial institutions. It also has 23 corporate financial institution headquarters, including four banks, three insurance companies, three securities and futures companies, and three other financial institutions. The Hexi CBD has two-thirds the number of corporate financial institution headquarters and foreign-funded institutions as Nanjing. The Hexi CBD has also won the titles of "financial reform innovation pilot zone in Jiangsu Province" and "Nanjing Internet financial model zone."