Supportive Policies for Promoting Industrial Sci-Tech Innovation

A maximum of RMB 30 million may be provided in stages for constructing the innovative highland Jiangbei New District, and supporting establishment of R&D institutes and headquarters of domestic and international key colleges and universities, well-known transnational corporations, and domestic industrial leading enterprises.


To support the establishment of enterprises' R&D institutes and construction of national and provincial R&D institutes, both provincial special funds are granted and also municipal special funds, which are not less than 50% of the provincial special funds but not exceeding RMB 10 million, are provided.


Both the municipal and district financial sectors provide support for high-end R&D institutes; however, the support funds cannot exceed RMB 2 million. If companies listed in the Fortune Top 500 and China's Top 100 come to Nanjing to establish R&D institutes with independent legal entities and conduct R&D activities, the financial sectors at the municipal and district levels will provide a maximum of RMB 5 million in support. For major construction projects, one discussion is conducted for each project.


To lead and encourage enterprises to increase investment in R&D, an inclusive financial reward of up to 10% of the provincial financial reward will be given.


Specific policies have been arranged for other various innovative and growth-type enterprises.