Supportive Policies for Promoting Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship

To implement the policy of "City Revitalization Relies on Talent", specially formulate the talent plan "Entrepreneurship in Nanjing" to introduce four types of high-end talent.


The aggregation plan for top technical experts focuses on bringing in scientific and technological enterprises, supporting the establishment of scientific and technological enterprises in Nanjing, and bringing in top technical experts who cooperate with scientific and technological enterprises to establish a scientific achievement industrialization base and new industry technical research institutes. The plan provides a maximum of RMB 10 million as supporting funds for scientific achievement industrialization, RMB 100 million as the follow-up investment, and RMB 2 million as the housing subsidy for these top technical experts.


The innovative entrepreneur cultivation plan focuses on cultivating creative, innovative entrepreneurs who play a leading role in innovation-driven development and economic transformation and upgrade in Nanjing. The plan provides a maximum RMB 20 million subsidized loan for up to three years for these entrepreneurs.


The high-level entrepreneurial talent introduction plan provides start-up funds and rent-free or rent-subsidized office space and an apartment for the entrepreneur or talent in order to bring in and support high-level entrepreneurial talent. The plan provides a maximum RMB 1.5 million for supporting projects, 100 m2 of rent-free space for the entrepreneurship, and a 100 m2 rent-free apartment.


The youth college student entrepreneurship guide plan focuses on providing funds for outstanding college students who try to start a business and supporting them. The plan provides start-up assistance ranging from RMB 200,000 to 500,000 for an outstanding entrepreneurship project.


To reduce personnel costs and attract college students to work or start a business in Nanjing, the policy to support rental housing for college graduates was formulated in 2016. The policy stipulates that each college graduate can get a rent subsidy ranging from RMB 600 to RMB 1000 per month for two years. (Each Ph.D. gets a rent subsidy of RMB 1000 per month, each master's degree RMB 800 per month, and each bachelor's degree or technician RMB 600 each month. If the actual rent is lower than the subsidy, the subsidy will be provided for the actual rent. The cumulative subsidy period does not exceed 24 months.)