Satellite Applications

1. Development Status
In 2016, Nanjing's satellite application industry achieved sales revenue of RMB 22.5 billion, with a year-on-year growth of 19%, accounting for 40% of the provincial aggregate and 5.2% of the national aggregate. The industry ranked No.1 in Jiangsu province.

The industry has more than 200 enterprises, covering the entire BeiDou industrial chain, such as BeiDou chips (modules), terminals, software, and operation services. The industry has a number of BeiDou chip design enterprises such as BONA (designed the first BeiDou first-generation power amplifier chips in China) and SeuComm; a number of enterprises that manufacture BeiDou military-civilian integrated terminal products such as the 14th Research Institute of CETC, China-Spacenet Satellite Telecom, BDCityonline, Jiangsu Radio Factory, and Nanjing 6902 Technology Co., Ltd.; and a number of software and operation service enterprises such as BDStar Navigation, HI-TARGET, Jiangsu BDS Application Industry Institute, and Tiza Information Industry Corporation. The 20 key enterprises with a scale of more than RMB 100 million each include the 14th Research Institute of CETC, NORINCO North Information Control Group, Panda Handa, Panda Information Industry Group, No.5311 Factory of the PRC People’s Liberation Army, and Daqiao Machinery Factory, accounting for 88% of the entire industry.

2. Development Advantages
To intensify support for the satellite application industry, Nanjing Municipal People's Government has included the satellite application industry in seven major strategic emerging industries in 14 key fields in the Nanjing Implementation Plan (2015-2017) for Made in China 2025. China BeiDou Navigation Satellite (Nanjing) Industry Base is the primary vehicle for developing the BeiDou industry of Jiangsu province. It has a production and manufacturing zone covering an area of 4.2 square kilometers and an R&D and operation zone covering an area of 0.5 square kilometers. Autographed by Academician Sun Jiadong, Chief Designer of BeiDou Navigation Satellite System, BeiDou Building in the R&D and operation zone is the first industrial R&D building to be named after "BeiDou" in China. It covers a total floor area of 200,000 square meters. The Base will focus on cultivating and attracting a number of key, leading enterprises in the industrial chain to promote rapid improvements in the competitiveness of the BeiDou industry in Jiangsu province. Based on policies, platforms, and demonstrations, Jiangsu BeiDou navigation satellite industry bases will lead development of the national BeiDou industry. Moreover, Nanjing boasts human resources foundations for developing the satellite application industry. It has a number of well-known engineering colleges and universities such as Southeast University, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and Nanjing University of Science and Technology and boasts unique advantages in university-industry research cooperation.

3. Development Goals and Priorities
(1) Development Goals
By 2020, Nanjing's satellite application industry will achieve sales revenue of over RMB 50 billion. Over RMB 35 billion will be from the satellite navigation industry, more than RMB 10 billion will be from satellite communications, and about RMB 8 billion will be from the satellite remote sensing and geographic information industry.

(2) Development Priorities
Relying on large industrialization projects such as Liandong U Valley, UniStrong, SSTP, and BDStar Navigation and led by the Major Project (Jiangsu Project) of the Chinese Second-Generation Navigation Satellite System, Nanjing will accelerate development in fields such as satellite navigation, satellite communication, and satellite remote sensing and establish a leading satellite application industrial system, so as to build itself into a well-known satellite application industry base and industrial application demonstration zone.


4. Supportive Policies
(1) Nanjing Implementation Plan (2015-2017) for Made in China 2025
As mentioned in the Plan, Nanjing will be built into a national key satellite application industry base and advanced application demonstration zone.

(2) Nanjing will focus on building the BeiDou SSTP base for entrepreneurship and innovation. With the technological convergence of BeiDou and IoT industries as an important direction for incubation and cultivation, the base will provide a high-quality development environment for emerging enterprises in the BeiDou satellite navigation field. The base, Nanjing BeiDou and IoT Research Institute, and the Nanjing Satellite Application Industry Association will form a four-in-one operation mode that combines the R&D institutes, incubation carriers, companies involved in industrialization, and the industry association to build a national demonstration base for entrepreneurship and innovation. The base has set up an investment fund of RMB 300 million for BeiDou-related industries to support industrialization of research institutes' scientific achievements and enterprise growth at the base.

(3) Based on the actual situation of China BeiDou Navigation Satellite (Nanjing) Industry Base, Nanjing New & High-Tech Industry Development Zone has issued Several Policies for Accelerating Development of the Satellite Application Industry, covering 20 policies in total. Major policies include:

a) The Administrative Committee of Nanjing New & High-Tech Industry Development Zone will arrange dedicated funds of RMB 30 million every year to support development of the satellite application industry.

b). The Committee will provide project funds of RMB one to two million for leaders who have made significant breakthroughs in the satellite application industry.

5. Development Vehicles
China BeiDou Navigation Satellite (Nanjing) Industry Base (located in Nanjing New & High-Tech Industry Development Zone)