Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment

1. Development Status
In 2015, Nanjing’s intelligent manufacturing equipment industry achieved sales revenue of RMB 69.5 billion, with a year-on-year growth of 18.8%. The industry developed rapidly in segmented fields such as intelligent control systems, automated complete set production lines, industrial robots, gear transmission, key basic parts, and the provision of system solutions.

2. Development Advantages
Nanjing is the cradle of China's modern industry. The birth of Nanjing Jinling Arsenal in 1865 marked the beginning of Nanjing's modern industry. A number of renowned enterprises such as the International Export Company Kiangsu Limited, Rolling Stock Plant of the Tientsin-Pukow Railway Southern Section (predecessor of CRRC Nanjing Puzhen Co., Ltd.), Nanjing Ammonia Factory of Yongli Chemical Industry Company (predecessor of Nanjing Chemical Industries Co., Ltd.), and China Cement Co., Ltd. were established and formed Nanjing's rudimentary modern industry.

With its location advantages and solid industrial foundations, Nanjing is attractive to large-scale, high-end equipment manufacturing enterprises. Nanjing has formed a modern equipment manufacturing industry cluster dominated by rail transit, aeronautical equipment, automobile parts, engineering machinery and equipment, and new electrical equipment. In particular, rail transit and aeronautical equipment have become two pillars of strength for leading development of Nanjing's intelligent equipment industry. Nanjing has attracted investment from numerous world-renowned multinational companies such as Bosch, Phoenix, and Changan Mazda. It has also developed a number of key intelligent equipment manufacturing enterprises such as CRRC Nanjing Puzhen, NR Electric, Nanjing Kangni Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Nanjing Chuangwei Household Electronic Appliances Ltd., Nanjing Steel, Nanjing Estun Automation Company, Nanjing Panda Electronics Equipment Co., Ltd., and Nanjing Pride Technology Group.

3. Development Goals and Priorities
The Implementation Plan of Nanjing Municipal People's Government on Building a Chinese Smart Manufacturing Base has set the following development goals for Nanjing's intelligent manufacturing industry:

By 2020, build one to two national manufacturing industry innovation centers in the intelligent manufacturing field, one to two municipal major intelligent manufacturing technology service platforms, and more than 20 enterprise technology centers in the intelligent manufacturing field to make breakthroughs in key technologies and core products.

Endeavor to develop an intelligent manufacturing industrial cluster.
By 2020, the annual sales (application) of Nanjing’s robots with proprietary brands will exceed 10,000 units, and the density (the number of robots used per 10,000 employees) of robots in key industries will exceed 200 units.

Continuously improve the intelligent manufacturing level of enterprises.
By 2020, the level of intelligent manufacturing equipment from Nanjing's above-scale industrial enterprises will be greatly improved. Numeric control (NC) of core equipment in key processes will exceed 85%, and Internet application coverage will be 70%. Moreover, key control software coverage will reach 70%.

Work hard to promote intelligent manufacturing demonstration projects.
Launch the construction of 10 pilot smart factories every year. By 2020, about 30 smart factories will be built.

4. Supportive Policies
Five key measures have been proposed in the Implementation Plan of Nanjing Municipal People's Government on Building a Chinese Smart Manufacturing Base. Enterprises can be awarded a maximum of RMB 20 million for intelligent reconstruction. Enterprises can also obtain high rewards if they develop the first (set of) intelligent manufacturing core equipment.

Implement intelligent manufacturing industry cultivation projects:
For the global top five leading intelligent manufacturing enterprises that have been brought to Nanjing, award them with a maximum of RMB 5 million. For intelligent manufacturing industrial projects invested in Nanjing, provide support of a maximum of RMB 10 million. For the first (set of) intelligent manufacturing core equipment developed in China or Jiangsu province in six major fields such as robots and additive material manufacturing, provide a maximum one-time reward of RMB 5 million.

Implement smart factory cultivation projects:
Award enterprises listed in the smart factory construction plan with a maximum of RMB one million to launch the construction.

Implement enterprise intelligent equipment upgrade projects:
Award enterprises that conduct intelligent technical reconstruction with a maximum subsidy of RMB 20 million. Provide a maximum subsidy of RMB 20 million for enterprises that purchase local robots, complete-set intelligent manufacturing equipment, and system integration application software.

Implement projects that optimize the financial environment:
Relying on development funds for Nanjing’s emerging industries, set up intelligent manufacturing industry investment funds of RMB 5 billion to promote an agglomeration of the intelligent manufacturing industry.

Implement intelligent manufacturing innovation projects:
For national and provincial collaborative innovation platforms established in Nanjing, provide support of a maximum of RMB 50 million. For enterprises that carry out mergers and acquisitions overseas or set up new R&D centers overseas, award such enterprises with a maximum of RMB 0.5 million after confirmation. For enterprises that take lead in formulating international, national, and industrial standards for intelligent manufacturing, award such enterprises with at most RMB one million, 0.5 million, and 0.3 million, respectively.

Implement intelligent manufacturing enterprise service projects:
Actively develop intelligent manufacturing demonstration parks and apply for national and provincial intelligent manufacturing demonstration bases. Award parks that are selected as national demonstration bases with RMB one million and parks that are selected as provincial demonstration bases with RMB 0.5 million.

5. Development Vehicles
As stated in the Implementation Plan of Nanjing Municipal People's Government on Building a Chinese Smart Manufacturing Base, Nanjing will focus on developing a number of development zones and special economic zones such as the Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Base in Jiangbei New Area, Jiangning Economic and Technological Development Zone, Nanjing Economic and Technological Development Zone, and Lishui Economic Development Zone.